Walter Bosse

He was born on 13th.November 1904 in Vienna.
1919-1922     Studies at the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts under Cizek 
                    (1919/20) and Powolny (1921/22),“modelling and 
                    throwing Ceramics”
1921-1922     Studies at the School of Arts and Crafts in Munich under 
                    Riemerschmidt (1921) and Niemeyer.

From 1921 on self-employed Work as ceramicer and respectively as 
                    colleague of the “Wiener Werkstätte” under Josef Hoffmann.
From 1924 on employee of the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory Augarten.
1925             he took part at the exhibition of Arts and Crafts in Paris.
1926-1936     Employee of the Manufactory Friedrich Goldscheider.
1924-1932     Member of the Austrian Workfactory.
1926-1939     Employee of the Fischer company in Ilmenau.
1927             Austrian Arts and Crafts Essen and exhibition of the German 
                    Ceramic Society, Berlin: Fayence-Grotesques.

1928             Christmasshow House of Artists: self-made ceramics and 
                    porcelains (Execution by Augarten).
1929/30        Christmasshow House of Artists Vienna.
1930             “Book and Room of Present“, House of Artists Vienna.
1938-1957     Employee of the Manufactory Goebel in Oeslau.
1950-1972     Employee of the state Majolika-Manufactory Karlsruhe.

1919-1937     Self ceramic workshop in Kufstein, Specia orders in Vienna 
                    (Hotel Bristol) and Kufstein.
1928-1939     Member of the Bavarian organization of Arts and Crafts in Munich.
1926-1939     He took part at the Leipzig-Fair.

Since 1950    his main working was with the material metal: „Black-Gold-Line“.

1953             Moving to Germany. In Vienna he leaves 12 manual trading 
                    licences. (Ceramics, Glass, Turner´s workshop, Hand-Weaving, 
                    Working with wrought iron, Metalwork, Toys, Electrical-ceramics).
1979             death.

Complete Works: Around 8000 Models and designs, from these 1922-1950 around 3000 Ceramics. Ceramics for the Vienna Companies: Goldscheider (Vessels, Vases, Figurines), Porcelain Manufactory Augarten (Boy with Ball,
Man with Antilope, Grotesque Girl, Talking Man)

Grotesque Figurines
Man with antelope