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    Weißes Porzellan für den guten Zweck

    Jubiläum: Seit 25 Jahren engagiert sich CONCORDIA Sozialprojekte für sozial benachteiligte Kinder, Jugendliche und Familien in Osteuropa. Ausbildungsprojekte in Rumänien, Bulgarien und der Republik Moldau setzen hier wichtige Impulse. 800 Kinder und Jugendliche unterstützt CONCORDIA allein Rumänien. Während anfangs der Fokus auf der Betreuung von Straßenkindern in Bukarest lag, gibt… Show Blog


Since 1718 our experts produce the “White Gold”– finest porcelain in the same way. During the last years we made our manufactory name well known all over the world. In our times AUGARTEN is a synonym for “Pure Luxury” – we serve private customers and trade partners as well as Dynasties, VIP Personalities, Ministries, Economic Enterprises and Top Hotels.

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Our new magazine reflects the kind of innovation that has been characteristic for Vienna Porcelain from the very start: the tension between tradition and modernity. There is a print edition that can be mailed as well as a digital edition that can be ordered if you click the cover-picture.


If you decided to spend the rest of your life together, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.
(„Harry und Sally“)


Experience the Allure of Porcelain Production in Vienna's Oldest Baroque Garden!

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    Porcelain museum and store
    Monday to Saturday: 10 am – 6 pm
    on sunday and holidays closed.

    Manufactory – Tours
    Monday – Thursday (exept bank holidays)
    10.15 am and 11.30 am

    For guided tours on Fridays please contact us in advance.

Unlimited Repeat Purchases

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